Membership Benefits

  1. Privilege of Representation - As a member of the Philippine Nurses Association of America, along with the over 10,000 Filipino-American nurses in the United States, you are represented in various professional organizations, government agencies, community groups and other coalitions.
  2. Professional Networking - Joining the PNAA provides you with the opportunities for networking with experts in your own fields of specialty as you participate in our professional activities at the local, state, national and international levels.
  3. Educational Opportunities - Members receive special discounts at our educational programs that address issues on foreign graduates, studies on Asian-Pacific Islanders minorities, grants for minorities among others.
  4. Leadership Development - you will have the privilege of serving as a delegate, officer or committee member at the national level to vote on important issues, decisions and actions that affect the Filipino-American nurses and the Asian community at large.. As a member, you will be eligible to run for office and serve as a chair/member at various committees and task force.
  5. Nursing Excellence Award - Members are recognized for outstanding achievements and contributions in Clinical, Administration, Research, Education, Community and Entrepreneurship.
  6. Scholarship and Research Awards - Members are recognized and financially assisted in their educational initiatives and scholarly pursuits.
  7. Philippine American Nurse - as a member, you will receive the official newsletter.


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